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Product Presentation

The majority of your product’s sales are determined by its presentation. We created an excellent interface with a suitable product information interface that will promote your product as beneficial & appealing to your customers.
Standard product box
  • In-detailed product page
  • Product image gallery
  • Product video presentation
  • Wishlist option
  • Add to cart option
  • Related product suggestion
  • More product suggestion
  • Product reviews
  • Shipping information
  • Social media sharing
  • Warranty policy
  • Chatting with admin
  • Dynamic Offers

    Nowadays Offers are the another best way to grab a bunch of customers at a time for the eCommerce industry. So we settled a complete dynamic process for creating offers by setting up the limited timeline with outstanding user interface
    • Flash Sale time clock
    • Offered product list
    • Admin created all offers listing
    • Anchor to each offer description page
    • Unlimited Coupon

      Unlimited Coupon create Option which work as your special promotion of products

      • Coupons
        • For Products
          • Insert Coupon code
          • Set product under the coupon
          • Set date range
          • Percentage based coupon setup
          • Amount based coupon setup
        • For Total Orders
          • Insert Coupon code
          • Minimum shopping
          • Set date range
          • Percentage based coupon setup
          • Amount based coupon setup
          • One Page Checkout

            • Cart Sidebar
              • Sidebar cart processing
              • Select/unselect from cart bar
              • Qty control from cart sidebar
              • Discount coupon insert on cart sidebar
              • Remove option from cart sidebar
            • Checkout
              • Multiple shipping address selection
              • New shipping address adding option
              • Separate billing address insert option
              • Delivery (Standard/Express) option selection
              • Order summary
              • Online payment option selection
              • Wallet payment option selection
              • Cash on delivery option selection
            • Product ordering managed by admin
              • Auto generated unique order code
              • Order search by order code
              • Email notification for each order 
              • Manual Order Status Change Option 
              • Order invoice download option by admin
              • Single click printing option for order invoice
              • Order filter option by payment status
              • Order filter option by delivery status
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